, Square 3167 m'


Lot 1778 |
Kuznetskiy Most
Assignment: headquarters, bank, medical center / clinic, office / business center
3167 m2
4 floors, basement and mezzanine
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Mansion status:
9 240 000 ₽ per month

35 011 ₽ m2 per year
1 108 450 000 ₽

350 000 ₽ m2
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  • Interior
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A four-story mansion with a basement and a mezzanine is situated on Myasnitskaya street in the Krasnoselsky neighbourhood. The building is located next to the Moscow Oleg Tabakov theater, Sovremennik theater, Bolshoi theater, Gostiny Dvor, Red Square, the Kremlin and Zaryadye Park. The nearest metro stations Lubyanka, Kuznetsky Most, Chistye Prudy and Turgenevskaya are a 7-minute walk away.

The building was built in 1914 and completely renovated in 2011. The B+ class business center is equipped with modern engineering and communication systems. Inside, there is an office layout, high ceilings and high-quality finishing in the office style. The building has multu-function offices, private meeting rooms, and a reception area. On each floor there are lavatories. There are 2 elevators for easy access to all floors. On the adjacent territory there is a ground parking for 10 cars. < / p>

The mansion is suitable for a bank office, business center, company representative office or private medical center.

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