For resellers and owners

— The owner of a yacht feels happy twice: when he buys it and when he sells it. That is the phrase one of our clients said. Our experts do not know what feelings the owners of mansions experience when they sell them: pleasure or light sadness. But what we know exactly is how to sell your mansion. The deal will take place when the following steps are undertaken:

Setting adequate price


The owner of a mansion expects to get maximum money for his or her building. A buyer wants to pay as little as possible. As a result, some buildings are on sale for years, several mansions - for dozens of years. This happens if the price is inadequate.

In determining the price, the owner of a building is based on the costs incurred, such as registration of documents, repair, maintenance of a mansion. He includes a generous profit in the price as well the compensation for risk and time spent. The amount that an owner receives on the calculator, often exceeds the real market price of the building by 20-30%.

A buyer does not know all the details, and his considerations are simple - he takes the price per square meter in the area into account, finds out the minimum possible and relies on it in negotiations. An experienced broker connects two positions and makes a deal happen.

To sell each building through, we have a project expert. Five experts work in a team: three for sale and one for renting. The maximum amount of the transaction we made was $30 million.

The expert decides which mansion to list on the website. It's like selecting pictures in a collection. We do not work with the buildings where there are big problems with documents or when the price is unreasonably overestimated. It's fair to the buyers. Especially considering the fact that they are not poor and stupid people.

The website is visited by 7 000-10 000 visitors per month. This is the largest targeted traffic to mansions in Moscow. We receive 4-5 calls within a week as well as requests from direct customers. These are banks, foreign companies, investment companies, medical clinics, large entrepreneurs who want to purchase a separate building for their company. Residential mansions for living are also popular.

We list and offer buildings with an adequate price in the first place. They are easier to sell. Therefore, the step one is to determine an adequate price.

Preparing for sale

The artist of a project draws the facade of each mansion. This makes the website look beautiful. Our photographer comes and takes photos of a building from the outside and interior shots inside. We sometimes make photos from the top with a copter in case mansions have their own territory. The photo shooting is carried out in summer, when streets are dry, green and clean. In winter, it is difficult to obtain such selling photos. The designer of a project draws the floor plans of a mansion in the same style. The building is ready for listing on the website.

Separately, you can make a 3D tour of a mansion. The result is approximately as follows. We have a special camera, which costs 500 thousand rubles and films all rooms in 3D. 3D-tour allows escaping previews with clients with questionable solvency. No one wants to do the work in vain. 3D-tour is a paid option, and its cost depends on the area of the building. It is 110 rubles per square meter, thus, to create a tour for a mansion with the area of 1,000 square meters, you will need 110,000 rubles.

The customers will be able to walk around a mansion on the screen as well as in special 3D-glasses that provide a presence effect. It is convenient for customers who do not live in Moscow.

Listing for sale

The content manager writes a text describing your mansion and lists it on portal. The marketing department of the company constantly runs the advertisement of the project in Yandex and Google at the request "buy mansion in Moscow" and others that buyers are looking for. Customers visit the website, study buildings, and some of them call or download the catalog.

We should say about the catalog separately. It is available on the website and it includes all the buildings listed on the website. It is categorized by area, by cost, by location. A separate page is allocated for each building.

Appointing a preview

A call or an order of a customer is assigned to one of the 5 brokers of the project. We sell, but do not insist on selling. You would not be pleased if you were sold a mansion that does not suit you, simply because it has to be sold. We are sure that every mansion has its own customer and he or she will definitely come if there is an adequate price. The broker will coordinate the time of the preview with you and with a client. We ask the owners to help us in the sale and facilitate a fast preview. Be in touch or appoint responsible employees who will always be on the phone. We understand that you also have business, troubles, and a bad mood, but money will be in your pocket faster if you do not delegate or cancel the preview on your own and behave hospitable.

Approving a mortgage

Realtors from other companies say that it is a bad idea to buy mansions in the mortgage. This is not true. They just have not yet learned how to approve loans for this amount of money. There is a mortgage broker assigned to every project. We approve the amount of 200-400 million rubles, if the clients do not have enough money to buy a desired mansion.

Arranging a deal

The lawyer of the company prepares the contract of purchase and sale and other documents to execute the transaction. The broker appoints the date of signing, organizes a notary and gathers all parties on the desired day and hour. Signature. Payment. Checking in. Your mansion is sold.

How much it costs to sell a mansion

The sale of each mansion involves the team of 6 people: a photographer, a marketing specialist, a project manager, a content manager, a broker, a lawyer. They all work for us to get decent money. Before proceeding with work, we determine the amount of the company's remuneration, and you have to immediately pay us this amount after the transaction is over. With the money received, we pay for the work of our team, advertising, which attracts customers and generates profits to the founders. Our remuneration ranges from 2% to 5% of the cost of the property. The percentage is discussed at the initial stage of the project. We do not charge the buyer of a mansion.

Some owners want to sell their mansion quickly, and we have a separate paid service called "mansion-booster" for this purpose. It includes the placement of a mansion in the top block of the main page of the website. Moreover, we launch advertising on Facebook and Instagram accounts of wealthy clients + contextual advertising of this particular mansion in Yandex and Google. According to our agreement, brokers show and offer this mansion to customers first. The package costs 150 000 rubles and is paid at the beginning of cooperation.

How long it takes to sell a mansion

One of the main questions a seller has is how much time it takes to sell a mansion. We can't provide a detailed information on this issue. It will be dishonest to promise you that we will sell it within a month or 300 days. There are several aspects that can be said for sure. We run advertising for Russia, the CIS and the whole world. We accept calls 24 hours a day. We sell in Russian and English. We train brokers and keep a complete, up-to-date and pleasant catalog of Moscow mansions. Dial the project broker +7(495)320-95-45 or leave the request, and we will call as soon as we get the chance.