Pokolkolny Pereulok 4, Square 1775 m

Mansion Pokolkolny Pereulok 4

Lot 1976 | 0
Assignment: hotel / hostel, residential mansion
1775 m2
3 floors, basement
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350 000 000 ₽

197 183 ₽ m2
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A three-story mansion with a basement in Pokolkolny Lane in the Tagansky district. The building is for a reconstruction. There is a road from the alley to the yard which leads with a wide arch, the entrance groups are placed on both sides. Inside there is the finishing of a profitable house, some spacious apartments have old stoves and fireplace shafts. The corridors lead to two cascade staircases with open areas. The extensive basement is supplemented by vaulted ceilings. The mansion is suitable for reconstruction for a hotel or apartment.

The mansion is located in the center of the city among the historic streets which lead to the Kremlin, the State University, the Bolshoi Theater and the park Zaradye. The building has a unique view to the Small Ivanovsky Lane, an old church in Kulishki and a high-rise on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment. There is a convenient access to Maroseika, Boulevard and Garden Ring Roads. It takes 5 minutes by foot to reach Kitay-gorod Metro Station.

The mansion was built in 1863 according to the drawings of the architect Geisler and belonged to the merchant of the 1st guild Dmitry Rastaguev. In 1880, the building passed to his son Alexey, the head of the nearby Christmas church on the Strelka, who ordered the completion of the third floor. At the same time, the facade was reconstructed according to the project of the architect Karneev, who added eclectic elements on the front of the house. In 1909, the building was sold to the industrialist and businessman Kharitonenko, who allocated the first floor for shops, and the apartments on the second and third floors rented to poor guests. In Soviet times, the mansion was a hostel. Currently, the building is not an object of cultural heritage.

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