on Letnyaya Street 8, Square 259 m

Mansion on Letnyaya Street 8

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Assignment: office / business center, headquarters
259 m2
2 floors
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Cultural heritage
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1 783 $ m2
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A two-storey mansion on Letnyaya Street near the Lublino Park in the south-east of Moscow. The historic mansion of the late 18th century was restored in 2006 and is equipped with modern utility system. The facade at the level of the first floor is decorated with rustication, some of the windows of the second floor are decorated with arched recesses. Inside there is an office planning and finishes. The adjacent territory includes ground parking for 10 bays. The mansion is suitable for a representative office or a headquarter.

The mansion is located on the landscaped territory of the Lublino Park, a few minutes' walk from the picturesque pond of the same name. It is surrounded by beautiful manor houses, cozy cafes and recreation areas. On the nearest streets outside the park, there is a well-developed infrastructure with bank branches, large shops and shopping centers. There is convenient access to the Third Ring Road, which is a 13-minute drive away. The Garden Ring Road can be reached in 18 minutes. Volzhskaya Metro Station is a 10-minute walk away.

The stone two-storey house is a part of the historical ensemble of the suburban Lyblino estate by architects Yegotov and Kazakov. The estate was being built from the late 18th till the early 19th century and originally was named after Godunov. After 1800, Durasov became the owner. He founded the second most famous theater, a school and a house of actors, a greenhouse and a horse yard on the territory of the estate. The wing was built at the Durasov Theater at the early 19th century and served as a boarding house for noble children. In the summer of 1866, writer Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky lived and worked here and wrote the fifth chapter of the novel 'Crime and Punishment'. Fyodor Mikhailovich described his impressions of the summer in Lublino in the story 'The Eternal Husband'.

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