Kalanchevskaya Street 11, Square 1736 m

Mansion Kalanchevskaya Street 11

Lot 1429 | 190530
Krasnyey vorota
Assignment: office / business center, hotel / hostel, bank, restaurant, medical center / clinic, headquarters
1736 m2
4 floors, basement
Expert review
Mansion status:
31 880 $ per month

220 $ m2 per year
  • Exterior
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A four-storey mansion with a basement on Kalanchevskaya street in Krasnoselsky district. The B class building built in 1895, was completly renovated in 2000, the roof was renovated in 2016. Inside, there is a mixed planning and high-quality office finishing. It is equipped with modern engineering and utility systems, modern central air-conditioning and 24-hour security system. On the adjacent territory, there is a 15-car fenced parking. The mansion is suitable for a company representative or office, embassy, bank, medical center or hotel.

The mansion is located next to the Moscow Theater, Grochol Square and the botanical garden of MSU 'Aptecarsky Ogorod'. A convenient access to the Garden Ring Road on Academica Sakharova Street takes 2 minutes drive, to the TTK along Krasnopropy Street — 5 minutes. It is in a 3-minute walk from Krasnye vorota metro station.

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