on Elektrozavodskaya Street 35, Square 903 m

Mansion on Elektrozavodskaya Street 35

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Preobrazhenskaya ploshchad
Assignment: office / business center, medical center / clinic, residential mansion
903 m2
2 floors, basement and attic
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22 790 $ per month

303 $ m2 per year
3 987 220 $

4 263 $ m2
A two-storey mansion with an attic and a basement on Elektrozavodskaya Street in the east of Moscow. Inside there is a mixed-use layout and shell&core finishing. Supply and exhaust ventilation allows you to maintain the level of cleanliness and humidity in the house. It is possible to install an elevator. The facade of the basement is finished with granite, the rest is light sandstone. The blind area is covered with granite paving stone. Above the main entrance to the house there is a shed, which is a balcony of the second floor. The land plot of 7 acres features plenty of large trees. The house is surrounded by greenery in summer, there are 2 century-old fir trees in front of it. There is a system for collecting and removing rainwater from the house. The territory comes with 10 parking bays.

The building is located in a green area near the Yauza River embankment, between Sokolniki Park and Izmailovsky Park. There is convenient access to Preobrazhenskaya Street and the Yauza River embankment. The Third Ring Road is a 10-minute drive, while the Garden Ring Road is 15 minutes away. The nearest metro station is Preobrazhenskaya Ploschad, which is a 7-minute walk away.

The mansion was built in the early 19th century and used to be the residential home of the merchant Luka Belyaev's family. It stood on the high left bank of the Yauza River next to a cloth factory owned by the merchant. During the period before 1917, the house went through many changes — it was rented out, used as a military barracks, as a warehouse for military products, but always remained in the administration of the Belyaev family. In Soviet times, the building was used by military units, internal troops, and Moslift company. Since December 1995, the house, having undergone an impressive renovation, began to be used by merchant descendants for educational activities. The mansion was completely renovated in 2022.

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