Timura Frunze 11c56, Square 971 m

Mansion Timura Frunze 11c56

Lot 1925 | 0
Park Kultury
Assignment: headquarters, office / business center
971 m2
1 floor, basement
Expert review
Mansion status:
Cultural heritage
50 810 $ per month

628 $ m2 per year
A one-storey mansion with a basement on Timura Frunze street in Hamovniki district. It was renovated with restoration of historical facades and reconstruction of interiors. The concrete furnaces, marble columns, ornate oak floors, original chandeliers and lamps were renovated, the ground floor is paved with white stone. The historical decoration of the house harmoniously complements modern equipment and comfort of A class. The house is located in the heart of the business district 'Red Rose' with a landscaped area. There is a 12-car ground parking. The mansion is suitable for a company representative or business center.

The mansion's location is surrounded by the historical building of Moscow of the 17-19th centuries. The Maiden’s Field Square, the Travnikov Garden, the Hamovna Court Chambers and the Moscow Museum are nearby. It has a convenient access to Ostozhenka street, Komsomolsky avenue, the Third and Garden Ring Road. It is in a 7-minute walk from Park Kultury metro station.

The mansion in the style of classicism of the 17th century was the main house of the city estate of Vsevolzhsky. The Vsevolozhyskiy' family traced its origin from the Grand Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovych and Smolenskiy princes. The wooden house can be found on the plan of 1799. The manor belonged to the statesman Nikolai Vsevolozhsky, who founded a printing house for printing of artistic, historical and medical books in 1809. In 1812, during the capture of Moscow by the Napoleon's army, General Kompan lived in this house. The printing house was renamed as ' The great army's Imperial printing press'. In 1838, Vsevolozhyskiy left Hamovniki, and the estate was divided by a stearin candles factory and perfumery Ralle factory. In 1875, both factories were sold to the owner of the silk factory Claude-Marie Giraud, who produced silk fabrics. At that time, in the Vsevolozhyskiy mansion was placed accounting factories.

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