Myasnitskaya street, 44, Square 1579 m

Mansion Myasnitskaya street, 44

Lot 1405 | 190507
Chistyey prudy
Assignment: bank, office / business center, headquarters
1579 m2
2 floors, attic, basement
Expert review
Mansion status:
Cultural heritage
44 040 $ per month

335 $ m2 per year
12 262 750 $

7 662 $ m2
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A two-story mansion with an attic on Myasnitskaya Street in the Basmanny district. In 1997 the 19th-century mansion was renovated, an attic floor, a major overhaul and historic facade were restored. There is a mixed layout with spacious halls and private offices inside. The interior is made of high-quality materials, some of the premises are decorated with stucco moulding with floral patterns and hanging chandeliers. On the ground floor, there is a conference room with a fireplace made of gold-plated marble. The fenced yard provides ground parking for 15 cars. The mansion is suitable for a bank, representative office or a company office.

The mansion is surrounded by city estates, memorial apartments, theaters. Convenient exit to Akademika Sakharova Avenue, Garden and Boulevard Ring. The nearest metro stations are Sretensky Bulvar, Krasnye Vorota and Chistye Prudy, which are a 5-minute walk.

The mansion is an architectural monument and is known as the “House of Three Composers” in memory of Franz Liszt, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Claude Debussy, who in different years visited this house. Since the end of the 17th century, the stone chambers outside the Butcher's Gate belonged to the uncle of Peter I, Lev Naryshkin. In subsequent years, the estate changed owners, and the main house was rebuilt many times. In 1825, the estate was acquired by Privy Councilor Arsenyev and opened a cultural salon, which was visited by Pushkin, Chaadaev and Glinka, and during visits to Moscow, the famous Hungarian composer Franz Liszt visited the salon and played the piano. In the 1860s, the estate was acquired by Baroness Nadezhda von Meck, the widow of magnate Karl von Meck. For 13 years, Nadezhda corresponded and supported Pyotr Tchaikovsky, who stayed at her house in the absence of the hostess. And von Meck's children were taught music by a young and then unknown Frenchman Claude Debussy, who received recognition only after returning to his homeland.

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