Malaya Nikitskaya Street 29, Square 3333 m

Mansion Malaya Nikitskaya Street 29

Lot 1698 | 200616
Assignment: headquarters, office / business center
3333 m2
5 floors
Expert review
Mansion status:
76 520 $ per month

275 $ m2 per year

A five-story mansion on Malaya Nikitskaya Street in the Presnensky District. The presentable mansion was built in 1909 upon the project of the architect Piotrovich as a Profitable House. The facade is lined with stone tiles, the upper floor is decorated with arched windows, mascarons in the form of female faces made above the entrance groups. The building is not a cultural heritage site. After a major repair, the mansion is provided with equipment and utility systems and corresponds to the B+ class business center. There is an office layout and office-style finishing inside. The building provides a VIP area for management, open office spaces, meeting rooms and spacious conference rooms and a kitchen with a dining room for employees. For the convenience of movement, there are three elevators. On the adjacent territory there is a guarded ground parking for 30 cars and an underground parking for 8 cars. The mansion is suitable for a business center or a company office.

The building is located next to the Chekhov House-Museum, the Gorky Museum-Apartment, the Malaya Bronnaya Theater, the Moscow Planetarium and the Moscow Zoo. The mansion provides convenient access to Barrikadnaya Street, Garden and Boulevard Ring road. The nearest metro station is Barrikadnaya, which is an 8-minute walk away.

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