on Kozhevnicheskaya Street 13, Square 737 m

Mansion on Kozhevnicheskaya Street 13

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Assignment: bank, hotel / hostel, office / business center, headquarters
737 m2
2 floors
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Cultural heritage
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A two-storey mansion on Kozhevnicheskaya Street in the Zamoskvorechye district. IIn the historical mansion of the 19th century, platbands with stucco moulding having wooden carvings effect, second-floor windows with high triangular pediments are preserved. The central facade is decorated with stone cockerels, the corners are complimented by small half-columns. Inside there is a hall-type layout and office-style finishing. The mansion is suitable for a representative office, headquarter, office or business center.

The mansion is located on the first house line on a street with high pedestrian traffic. It is surrounded by well-developed infrastructure, numerous large business centers, educational institutions and prestigious residential complexes. The site is within walking distance of the Moskva River embankment, the Chambers of Kozhevina Sloboda and the square of the Novospassky Monastery. There is convenient access to Kozhevnicheskaya Street and the the Moskva River embankment. The Garden Ring Road is a 4-minute drive away. The nearest metro station is Paveletskaya, which is a 6-minute walk away.

The two-storey mansion built in 1853 with a small figured pediment is known as the Skvortsov Manor. Built in the Russian style by architect Krasnov for Yegor Stepanovich Skvortsov, the year of construction is seen in an ornament on a piece of fence to the right of the house. Yegor Skvortsov inherited the leather business from his father, Stepan Yulianovich Skvortsov, a peasant from the village of Shevlino. Representatives of the Skvortsov family remained the owners of the property until 1917. The building has practically preserved its original appearance to the present day. Until recently, the main entrance was covered by a beautiful wrought-iron canopy.

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