Seliverstov pereulok 5, Square 1419 m

Mansion Seliverstov pereulok 5

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Assignment: bank, office / business center, headquarters
1419 m2
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A four-storey mansion with a basement and attic in Seliverstov lane in Krasnoselsky district. The building after overhaul in 2007 has brick walls, reinforced concrete floors and modern engineering systems. A facade was restored in 2013. Inside, there is an office planning and finishing, elevator for comfortable movement. Earlier there was a bank in the building. There is a 5-car parking in the close yard. The mansion is suitable for a bank, company representative or office.

The mansion is located in Chistye prudy district and surrounded by theatres, historical buildings, shops, restaurants and cozy cafes. Nearby there are the Mayakovsky Theater and Theatre of Dramatic Art. It has a convenient access to the Garden and Bulvarnoe ring road which takes 2 minute. It is in a 4-minute walk from Sukharevskaya metro station.

The classic style mansion built in 1875 is the object of cultural heritage. From 877 to 1884, the building was an apartment house. The facade is docorated with rust on the level of the 1st floor, the front entrance is decorated with a forged visor, and the windows are supplemented with white plates, sandricks and brackets with a thin bas-relief. The roof is decorated with frontons with pilasters on the sides from windows of the attic floor.

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