Stanislavsky Street 15, Square 793 m

Mansion Stanislavsky Street 15

Lot 1839 | 0
793 m2
2 floors and basement
Expert review
Mansion status:
Cultural heritage
16 730 $ per month

253 $ m2 per year

A two-storey mansion with a basement on Stanislavsky Street in Tagansky District. The Empire-style building with the architectural heritage status was completely renovated in 2016. During the reconstruction, the historical appearance of the facade was restored, modern engineering and utility systems were installed. The mansion has a mixed planning with spacious halls and high ceilings. The premises can house a restaurant with a top-class event venue, cinema and concert hall, private terrace and opened panoramic roof. The warm, serene atmosphere of an old Moscow estate has been recreated inside. The mansion is suitable for a restaurant.

The building is surrounded by theaters, museums and historic estates. Nearby is the Chekhov Theater Art Studio and the ApARTe Moscow Drama Theater. It has a convenient access to the Nikoloyamskaya embankment, the Garden and Third Ring Roads. It is 9 minutes walk from the nearest metro stations Taganskaya and Marksistskaya.

The mansion built in 1816 belongs to the Konshin city estate ensemble. Konshin merchants owned textile factories for linen and canvas production. Koshin family belonged to the old Serpukhov family and in 1882 it received the highest distinction for merchants in the Russian Empire — hereditary nobility.

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