Nikoloyamskaya Street 49-2, Square 1108 m

Mansion Nikoloyamskaya Street 49-2

Lot 1772 | 0
Assignment: office / business center, headquarters
1108 m2
2 floors, basement and attic floors
Expert review
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Продажа прав аренды
60 000 000 ₽

54 152 ₽ m2
A two-story mansion with an attic and a basement floors on Nikoloyamskaya Street in Tagansky area. Nowadays, the mansion is listed as a cultural heritage site. It has an office layout inside and 3-meter ceilings. The building and its spaces need to be reconstructed. On the adjacent territory there is a ground parking for 10 cars. The mansion is suitable for a representative office of a company or a business center.

The building is situated nearby the embankment of the Yauza River, the Theater Art Studio, the State Museum of Literature. The Garden Ring Road is in a 2-minute drive, and by the Third Ring Road is a 7 minutes drive. The nearest metro stations are Taganskaya, Ploshchad Ilyicha and Marxistskaya, which are in a 15-minute walk.

The mansion in the style of the Moscow Baroque was built in 1754 by the merchant Fyodor Ptitsyn. In 1834, the estate was acquired by the owner of the silk factory Agafya Zalogina. In 1874, the architect Koritsky remodeled the western building for it, decorating it with an eclectic decor. The end got a pediment over the three central windows, and was supplemented with flower garlands between the pilasters.

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