on Kozhevnicheskaya Street 22, Square 297 m

Mansion on Kozhevnicheskaya Street 22

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Assignment: restaurant, rental business
297 m2
2 floors
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Cultural heritage
17 240 $ per month

697 $ m2 per year
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A two-storey mansion in the Danilovsky district on Kozhevnicheskaya Street. The building was built in 1870 and is an architectural monument. The building is located on a 6-acre land plot. The facade is lined with white brick. Inside there is whitebox finishing, the space on each floor can be divided into blocks with separate entrances. Vaulted ceilings 4.5 meters high made of stone and brick will compliment the interior. The mansion is suitable for a restaurant, hookah bar, beauty salon.

The mansion stands on the first line of houses within walking distance from the Moskva River. Nearby are Paveletsky Railway Station, the Museum of the Moscow Railway, a small shopping center. Tram tracks run opposite, which creates active pedestrian traffic. The exit to the Garden Ring Road takes 7 minutes. The nearest metro station is Paveletskaya, which is an 8-minute walk away.

The Empire-style mansion is one of the chambers of the Kozhevnicheskaya Sloboda, which are mentioned in the chronicle of 1547. Kozhevnicheskaya Sloboda was inhabited by artisans engaged in leather dressing. There are a number of ancient chambers that survived until the beginning of the 17th century. Leather production did not stop and continued to affect the appearance of the area. The first owner of the mansion at the modern address 'Kozhevnicheskaya Street 22' was a Suzdal merchant Ivan Lichonin. The building had a brick extension and windows with arched openings facing the courtyard. The mansion survived two fires, after which the vaults were rearranged, and the facades acquired a classic look of the Moscow Empire. This building is a striking example of the architecture of the 17th century.

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