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5 houses for living with a separate entrance. Townhouses in Moscow center
Олег, основатель проекта Author of the article

Oleg, the founder of the project

Published: 26.06.2017
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We sell mansions. The townhouse is not quite a mansion in its classic sense. Among the experts of the project, a heated debate arose over whether it is worth adding them to the website and including them in the selection list. In the end, we have decided that such buildings could be of interest to our…

«B» plan, or how to buy a mansion for a bank
Елена, эксперт проекта Author of the article

Elena, the project expert

Published: 08.05.2017
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With the development of mobile applications, bank customers are less likely to visit bank offices to get necessary services. In the United States, every fifth American has not been in the bank branch for more than a year. Till date, only Tinkoff Bank managed to avoid opening branches and cash points. Private…

Choosing a mansion for a medical clinic
Ирина, эксперт проекта Author of the article

Irina, expert of the project

Published: 25.04.2017
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In 2017, 3100 medical institutions are operating in Moscow on a constant basis. There are state large hospitals, polyclinics, as well as private medical centers, plastic surgery, and dental clinics among them. The Ministry of Health makes strict requirements to the premises that accommodate medical…