Noble Row на Остоженке в Москве – нескромное гнёздышко за миллиард

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Irina, expert of the project

Published: 06.02.2018
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From the meadows to the world's ratings

The Golden Mile is the most expensive district of Moscow. Businessmen, politicians, oligarchs, the best representatives of Russian culture and show business, expats live in this small section between Ostozhenka street and Prechistenskaya embankment. 

Расположение района Остоженка

Golden Mile district on a Moscow map


The history of this place began 6 centuries ago. At that time, instead of elite complexes with penthouses and terraces on the banks of the Moscow River, there were flood meadows. The horses of Moscow princes grazed there, the peasants slowly mowed the hay and collected it in large fragrant haystacks. People called these lands as Ostozhye.

История района Остоженка

View of the Kremlin from Ostozhenka in the 15th century


The street located between the Kremlin and the meadows, was called Ostozhenka. A lot of time has passed since then. On the place of the meadows, there were houses made of wood, later- of brick and concrete. In 2013, the British Wealth-Bulletin publication included Ostozhenka in the rating of ten most expensive residential streets in the world. The cost per square meter in the Golden Mile area in Moscow in those years was higher than on the Avenue Montaigne is Paris and Fifth Avenue in New York.

Вид на Остоженку с Крымского моста

A modern panorama of Ostozhenka from the monument to Peter I


In 2015, on Khilkov lane in the center of the Golden Mile, the first stone was laid in the base of Noble Row - the complex of 6 noble mansions, standing in one slender row. Every street, every building has its own story on Ostozhenka. And the article presents the history of creating one of the most worthy and expensive projects of modern Moscow - Noble Row.


Teleport to Manhattan

Телепорт на Манхэттен

One of the streets of the Upper East Side in Manhattan, New York


The Upper East Side is the district in Manhattan, which is formed by the Central park, the East River strait and the streets from Fifty-ninth to Ninety-sixth. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the Upper East Side is known as the "silk stocking district", because it is considered to be one of the most expensive and prestigious residential areas of New York.

Donald Trump and other developers are building elegant and private clubhouses in this area of Manhattan. The residences, or English mansions, are especially in demand - houses for one family with its own front door, utility rooms, terraces, clear zoning and magnificent architecture of not only the facades, but also the internal premises.

Even now New York aristocracy finds it inconceivable to divide the roof overhead with outsiders. Therefore, such residences have become not only monuments of architecture, but also the most expensive real estate in the world.

Верхний Ист-Сайд

The plan of the Upper East Side district, made by one of the local artists


Many people manage to love Russia and the USA simultaneously, but only two of them could transfer the spirit of the noble and luxurious real estate of New York to the center of elite life in Moscow - Akimov brothers. They came up with the idea of combining pretty-looking Moscow, full with various interesting events, with life in a luxurious mansion in the best traditions of the aristocratic East Side. That is how Noble Row appeared.


The small things make a big difference, or the devil is in the details

The name of the project consists of two English words "noble" and "row". Row means a number of houses, and "noble" comes from Latin, where "gnobilis" is an outstanding, noble, having a noble origin. And this is the case when the title is not about dusting eyes, but accurately reveals the idea laid by the founders.

The facades of six Noble Row mansions are designed in the Bos-ar style - French neoclassicism, named after the oldest and most influential school of fine arts in Paris. As soon as the construction was completed, the complex immediately became the main architectural landmark of Ostozhenka. With its elements, it draws the attention of both professionals and experts in architecture, and lovers of selfie-photos who can safely publish photos on the background of Noble Row in their social networks with the NewYork hashtag without causing suspicions from subscribers.

Маленькие детали в архитектуре Остоженки

The main entrance to the Noble Row mansions at Ostozhenka in Moscow


The facades are made of noble Portuguese limestone according to old technologies. The limestone has not yet darkened, and this is the only thing that makes Noble Raw look like a modern construction.

The complex is perfect not only from the outside, but also inside. Together with the keys to Noble Row, a buyer gets a 5-story mansion with interiors from maestro Ralph Lauren as well as all furniture, textiles, dishes and even towels, slippers and a bathrobe in the bathroom. Each of the mansions differs from the neighboring in interior design, layout and furniture.

Интерьер гостинной в одном из особняков Noble Row

Interior of the living room in one of the Noble Row mansions


— The idea to create a complex in Ralph Lauren style literally hovered in the air, - says one of the two founders of the project, Konstantin Akimov. - You can buy amazing furniture and accessories, arrange custom-made carpets, hang luxurious curtains, apply beautiful Ralph Lauren wallpapers, even paint the walls with their brand paint, but after all, all this beauty needs a suitable frame - carefully verified, flawless architecture, strict proportions and noble symmetry. When we imagined our "dream house", we had no doubts - it should be a house reflecting the values of Ralph Lauren, not only in interior design, but also in architecture, in the depth of design and quality of execution - up to the tiniest details.

Пентхаус на Остоженке

 Wood-burning fireplace in one of the Noble Row mansions


There are wood-burning  fireplaces on each residential floor of the mansions. There is a terrace on the upper level, with excellent views of neighboring temples and Kremlin stars. There is a spacious garage for two cars to the left of the mansion entrance. Each mansion has an elevator that quietly lifts guests into a cozy living room with a fireplace on the upper floors, bypassing a bedroom with dressing rooms, a dining room with a kitchen, a study and children's rooms.


Keys from the high society

Something that is inaccessible to a wide range of people, has a special value. This applies not only to real estate, but also to private clubs that random people cannot join to. September 28, 2015 was a special day for all connoisseurs of Ralph Lauren aesthetics. In Milan, The Palazzo Ralph Lauren - the private luxury club - opened its doors. 300 VIP-guests were the first to see a new space with a cozy terrace on the roof.

Central entrance to The Palazzo Ralph Lauren in Milan


The space accommodates the outlet of men's and women's clothing from all lines, atelier for tailoring things to order. New collections are delivered here on the second day after the official show. For a narrow circle of people dedicated to this club, Ralph Lauren also creates special capsule collections that are not available to other customers. There is a café with a bar that makes the image of the ultimate luxury, as Ralph Lauren himself describes this boutique, to be complete.

Interior of the living room in The Palazzo Ralph Lauren in Milan


There are not only world celebrities among the members of the club, but also other, less public and truly loyal customers. A ticket to this highest society is given to every buyer of Noble Row mansion. In the dressing room you will find another nice gift from Ralph Lauren, but let it be the secret what exactly. Only the new owner will know this. Three of the six mansions have already been sold.

— We are confident that these six noble houses will grow old beautifully and will serve many generations of happy owners, – says Konstantin Akimov. — Always beautiful, always noble, out of fashion, out of time.


If you are planning to buy a mansion for living in the center of Moscow and want to see Noble Row from the inside, contact the experts of project at +7 (495) 320-95-45.