Nizhnyaya Maslovka 15, Square 3600 m

Mansion Nizhnyaya Maslovka 15

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3600 m2
2 floors
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Cultural heritage
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A complex of mansions on Nizhnyaya Maslovka Street in the north of Moscow. The ensemble of six historical buildings 'Tram depot' was completely restored in 2021. A total area of the complex is 3 600 m². Each building has its own entrance and is equipped with a central air-conditioning system and supply and exhaust ventilation. Mixed planning, loft-style finishing and ceilings from 4 to 7 meters high allow you to plan functional office spaces. The buildings are located in a 60-acre fenced area with a ground parking for 30 cars. The complex is suitable for a headquarter or a company representative office.

The complex of buildings is located on the first line of houses. The VTB Arena, Petrovsky Park and Palace Alley are within walking distance. It is surrounded by shops, schools, universities and residential buildings. The site has convenient access to Leningradsky Prospekt and the Third Ring Road. It takes 11 minutes by foot to reach Savyolovskaya Metro Station.

The complex of buildings of the tram park was built on the project of engineer Bari in 1895, when the First Society of horse-railways reported the launch in Moscow of a new type of transport connection — electric tram. In the central part of the complex was built carriage shed with 6 ways for 30 cars. The building was decorated with three pairs of entrance gates, which were completed with arches with glazed blocks of Falconer, allowing daylight to enter the room, and towers in the corners. At the same time, a two-story residential building with apartments for engineers and assistants was built on the red line of the street. Adjacent to the house were premises for cars: one for the operation of transport, and in the second there was a store. The tram park complexes also included two single-story economic buildings. The grand opening of the tram depot took place on 25 March 1899 and the first carriages went to Petrovsky Park, one of the passengers was Prince Vladimir Golitsyn.

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