on Kuznetsky Most Street 14, Square 2915 m

Mansion on Kuznetsky Most Street 14

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Kuznetskiy Most
2915 m2
5 floors and basement
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Cultural heritage
16 000 000 ₽ per month

65 866 ₽ m2 per year
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A five-storey mansion with a basement on Kuznetsky Most Street in the Meshchansky district. The historic fully renovated mansion is equipped with modern engineering and utility systems, and features a soundless elevator. Inside, thers is a mixed-use layout. Spacious retail area with showcase windows, offices and utility rooms are provided. The interiors are complemented by classic white columns, openwork stucco on the ceilings and walls, wide staircases with balustrades and stone railings. The mansion is suitable for a representative office of a company or a flagship store.

The building is located in the heart of the cultural life of the capital city, on a tourist street surrounded by the most prestigious shops in Moscow. The Bolshoi Theater and the Central Department Store are nearby. The main city sights are located within a 14-minute walk. There is convenient access to Tverskaya Street, the Boulevard and Garden Ring roads. The nearest metro station is Kuznetsky Most, which is a 3-minute walk away.

On the site of the mansion there were trading shops and workshops, until in 1883 the buildings were transferred to the ownership of the merchant of the 1st guild and furrier Alexei Mikhailov. According to Barykov's project, a four-storey building was built for a fur factory in the courtyard. In 1902, a modern house was constructed on the site of a two-story building on the first line of the street according to the project of architect Erichson, who built and improved the house over the next 50 years. The fur factory on Kuznetsky Most continued to operate in Soviet period. But in the 1940s the building housed the All-Union Fashion House, later called the Kuznetsky Most Model House. After the 2000s, the Podium store was located here. Later there were the flagship store of Nike.

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