Dolgorukovskaya street 25, Square 420 m

Mansion Dolgorukovskaya street 25

Lot 1888 | 0
Assignment: headquarters, restaurant, office / business center
420 m2
1 floor, basement
no white box
Expert review
Mansion status:
Cultural heritage
16 390 $ per month

468 $ m2 per year
3 277 500 $

7 699 $ m2
  • Exterior
  • Interior
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A two-storey mansion on Dolgorukovskaya street in Tverskoy district. It has a modern style of 19 century. After reconstruction the building will be restored according to the historical appearance, will equipped modern utility and engineering systems. Inside, there is a mixed planning with spacious halls and cozy rooms without finishing, what allow you to realise any disign. On the private territory, you can make a green terrace with additional seating for guests. The mansion is suitable for restaurant.

The mansion's main north-eastern facade comes on the first line of Dolgorukovskaya Street, on the south side — the residential complex 'Italian quarter'. It is surrounded by the Theatre Satire and Lancome, Mius and Anthropovia Square, Hermitage Garden. It has a convenient access to the Garden Ring Road, which takes 2 minutes drive. Novoslobodskaya and Mendeleevskaya Metro Stations are a 3-minute walk away.

The mansion was built in 1821 and rebuilt together with other houses of the city estate until 1899. There is a stone fence with a forged metal grille, belongs to the second half of the 19th century. In 1821, the house belonged to the State councillor Andrey Petrovo-Solovovo. In 1897, the estate was acquired by the daughter of the collegiate assessor, Maria Schiller. Now, the mansion is a cultural heritage site.

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