Как выбрать особняк под ресторан в Москве

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Dmitry, expert of the project

Published: 22.08.2017
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The analysts of the restaurant business say that some have cars as a measurement of status, and some - restaurants. As a rule, a restaurant in Moscow is not the main occupation of its owner. However, entrepreneurs keep operating restaurants even during the crisis.

In your own restaurant, you can make a deal, discuss plans with partners and do not worry that you will be hindered. The meal will be prepared by a personal chef, so, the expenses for a restaurant can be attributed to the «personal security» article. It is even more pleasant that you can derive additional benefits from this.

This article reminds you what aspects should be paid attention to if you decide to buy a mansion for a restaurant.


Pike cheeks, or what to cook in a restaurant

Before you buy a mansion, decide what your chef will be cooking.

According to the analytics for 2016, the residents of Moscow choose inexpensive home-cooked restaurants. Russian cuisine and healthy food, for example, lean and vegetarian dishes, are in the trend.

Restaurateurs meet those requirements and open restaurants with reasonable prices. At the same time, they do not lose in profit, as guests who pay less, come more often.

At the same time, Moscow restaurants with high prices feel better than others. In 2016, their owners earned 20% more than in 2015.

Considering the facts, we can assume that this year it is profitable to open a small restaurant of Russian cuisine with a bill above the average.


The mansion of  «Pushkin Cafe» restaurant on Tverskoy Boulevard. It was opened on the site of a 19th century manor owned by one of Catherine the Second favorites. The owner's name is not connected with the restaurant.

The idea to open the restaurant came to a restaurateur Andrew Dellos, when he heard a chanson song of Gilbert Beco. There are lines in the song: «How nice it would be to be with you in Pushkin Café, when it's snowing outside the window». Then «Pushkin Cafe» was nothing more than a singer's imagination, and today it is one of the most famous restaurants in Russia.

Interior of «Pushkin Cafe» restaurant in the mansion on Tverskoy Boulevard. 


Arrange me a carriage, or what address to choose

A mansion situated on a busy street, like the mansions of the Arbat or Kuznetskiy Bridge, is suitable for a «walk-through» restaurant of Russian cuisine with high prices. Foreign tourists who want to try the popular Russian cuisine without claiming something exclusive and who will feel comfortable about the prices will visit it.

The mansion on a quiet street is suitable for a restaurant of merchant or noble Russian cuisine. Hidden from the eyes of the crowd, a restaurant will be a suitable place for leisurely business meetings, quiet family meals and cozy romantic dates.

A mansion located far from popular routes is optimal for noble luncheons and dashing «merchant» parties. You can place a complex with a restaurant of Russian cuisine, a sauna and a hotel here.

The mansion of Prince Svyatopolk-Chetvertinsky is executed in the style of the French Renaissance on Povarskaya street. It was built in 1889 by the order of the prince. In the Soviet period, the Central House of Writers was there, where Vladimir Mayakovski read his poetry at the opening, later it was turned into a restaurant.

Interior of «Central House of Writers» restaurant in the mansion on Povarskaya street.


The mystery of a noble family

Buying a mansion with a rich history is a good deal for a restaurateur. The names of the first owners, their way of life and hobbies will serve as a «free» source of ideas when you think how to name a restaurant and dishes on the menu.

This was done by a restaurateur Arkady Novikov, who opened a restaurant of Russian merchant cuisine in the estate of Gusiatnikovs merchants. Novikov not only called it as «Gusatnikoff», but also put the goose meet on the menu. So, the restaurant serves baked ducks and geese. It is noteworthy that the merchants of the Gusiatnikov family never traded with birds.

The entrance to the estate of Gusyatnikov merchant family on Taganka. The Gusiatnikovs Mansion was built in 1822.

Interior design of «Gusyatnikoff» restaurant in the mansion on Taganka.


It is time to refresh yourself

Summer terrace increases the revenue of a restaurant, on average, by 30%. If you want to buy a mansion for a restaurant, make sure that it has its own yard, and the building itself is located on the street with a wide sidewalk: for example, in Bolshaya Polyanka street, Bolshaya Ordynka street or Pyatnitskaya street.

A wide sidewalk allows arranging tables in the European manner - from the side of the facade and with the view of the street, and own yard makes it possible to arrange a summer veranda or a year-round warm terrace.

If the yard area allows, you can arrange private arbours instead of the veranda. As a rule, they are closed with curtains from a draft and unnecessary eyes - guests will appreciate your concern for comfort.

In addition, arbors can be separated from each other with a hedge, dry creek or alpine slide. So, the guests will not look at the curtained windows of neighboring arbors, but on pleasant landscapes. You can order such installations from a landscape designer.

If you decide to buy a mansion without a courtyard and with a narrow sidewalk outside, arrange a terrace on the roof. That is how the owners of the former «Crois» restaurant in the mansion on Prechistenka did.

The mansion of the Volkonsky family. It was built in 1790. Until recently, there was a «Crois» restaurant. Today the restaurant is closed, and the mansion is being sold. The building has preserved the interior design of the restaurant – you can buy it and start working. To see the building the next day, contact experts at osobnyaki.com.

Summer terrace overlooking the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was located on the roof of the Volkonsky family mansion.


Just let me stay alone

If you buy a 2-story mansion for a restaurant, half the area can be allocated for a boutique hotel. In addition to tourists, your hotel can be visited by the guests of a wedding or an anniversary from another city. Guests will appreciate the opportunity to spend the night in a comfortable room and get coffee, toast and fruit fresh for breakfast. A room for the newlyweds is also a great option.

While the hotel guests will be enjoying their stay, room service will clean their clothes.

You should take care of separate entrances to the hotel and restaurant. So, to enter the hotel, the guests will pass through the hotel lobby, and to the restaurant - directly from the street. However, in order the hotel guests could visit the restaurant without leaving the street, you will need another entrance to the restaurant through the lobby.

The mansion on 1st Monetchikov lane was built in the 19th century. «Oblomov» restaurant has been operating here since 2000, which speaks of the public's continuing interest ещ the old Russian cuisine and about the right decision to buy a mansion in Moscow.

Interior of «Oblomov» restaurant on 1st Monetchikov lane.


Send a messenger

Food can be delivered not only to the hotel at a higher level, but also to neighboring addresses.

For example, offer the tenants of the nearest business centers to include lunches in a restaurant in a social package for employees. They can also sell outreach services for corporate and private events for top management. In order for customers to get acquainted with the cuisine personally, bring them samples of dishes or invite them to a restaurant for degustation.

If you decide to deliver food to the addresses, organize a separate exit or window into the courtyard of the restaurant food boxes to couriers. 

The estate of N. Y. Arsenevsky in Taganka. The buildings of the manor were rebuilt in the 18th century from the chambers of the Zemskov merchant family. Until recently, «Russian North» and «Mansion» restaurants operated there so the building is suitable for restaurant projects.

You can buy Arsenevsky's estate today. To view the building the next day, contact osobnyaki.com experts.

Entrance to N.Ya. Arsenevsky's estate on Taganka.


The carriage yard

Restaurant in a mansion is the case when you can refuse from the guest parking. And, do it with benefit to your place.

In Moscow, it is not easy to find a mansion with a summer terrace and a parking lot at the same time, so you'll have to choose one of the two. At the same time, some guests will come on foot, some - by taxi, and some - with a driver. The latter is paid to look for himself where to park a car. Most likely, visitors to the restaurant will prefer to spend time on a summer terrace. Therefore, the choice is obvious - until a parking lot is empty, a terrace, according to calculations of analysts, will increase the revenue of the restaurant to 30% per season.

Paid street parking in the center of Moscow can be used for marketing purposes.

Let's say that guests who paid for a dinner of 5 thousand rubles get the payment for the city parking at the expense of the restaurant. 

Bachurina-Smirnova mansion on Novokuznetskaya street. It was built in the XIX century. Until recently, there was a restaurant, so the mansion is suitable for restaurant projects. The territory of the mansion is able to accommodate up to 20 cars.

You can buy Bachurina-Smirnova mansion today. To preview the building the next day, contact experts at osobnyaki.com.

The yard of Bachurina-Smirnova mansion on Novokuznetskaya street.


Buying or renting?

If you are a restaurateur, renting a mansion may be the right decision for you, as restaurants quickly go out of fashion. You will leave from one mansion - you will come to another under a new name.

The purchase is attractive because you, as the owner of the mansion, can open a restaurant, and, if you get bored, close it and hand over the mansion to another restaurateur. If a tenant owes you, you can always invite another.

To buy a mansion for a restaurant, contact the experts of osobnyaki.com project  at +7 (495) 320-95-45.

We'll choose up to 6 suitable options within 30 minutes and show them to you the next day. If necessary, we will help to attract financing and arrange leasing. We work with love and free of charge.