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Irina, expert of the project

Published: 25.04.2017
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In 2017, 3100 medical institutions are operating in Moscow on a constant basis. There are state large hospitals, polyclinics, as well as private medical centers, plastic surgery, and dental clinics among them.

The Ministry of Health makes strict requirements to the premises that accommodate medical institutions. Dozens of GOSTs and SNIPs have been developed, which must be taken into account when choosing a building.

It is a dream of many entrepreneurs to open own clinic or dentistry in the center of Moscow in a separate beautiful historical mansion with columns and angels on the roof. Nowadays, there are 60 mansions and detached buildings on sale in the capital, but not all of them will fit your goals.

This article considers the following issues: how to choose and buy, rent or sell a mansion for a clinic in Moscow: what to consider when choosing a detached building for a clinic, dentistry or a medical center.

When choosing a building, first of all it is necessary to understand whether it is possible to obtain a license for this building. Pay attention to the following important aspects:


1. Electric power

Medical equipment requires a lot of electricity. If the power of 5-10 kW will be sufficient for a classical room, then using a dental unit, medical lasers, which clinics of aesthetic cosmetology and plastic surgery are usually equipped with, will require at least 15 kW. If you are planning to open a multifunctional clinic, install tomographic and X-ray units, then it is necessary to provide an electric power of 30 kW and more.


2. Neighbors on higher floors

According to the rules, living apartments cannot be located over the premises of the clinic, where tomographic and X-ray equipment is used. When choosing a building for a clinic, it is better to focus on separate buildings. If you still have a medical center with equipment that can emit radiation and noise in an apartment building, then the second and third floors of this house above the clinic should be non-residential.

Special attention should be paid to the possibility to equip ventilation and arrange air circulation. It can be difficult to do in multi-apartment high buildings, but it is not difficult to implement in a separate mansion. The least requirements are for massage rooms. Mansions with their own small territory are the best solution.


3. Layout and windows

To successfully obtain a license and open a multidisciplinary clinic, it is necessary to organize a dozen of rooms with windows. When creating the project of a clinic, it is necessary to arrange treatment rooms, staff room, sterilization premises, bathrooms for staff and visitors, and preferably separately for men and women. Also, depending on the type of a clinic, X-ray room, procedural room, hall-registry-wardrobe, administration room, waste disposal room, storage room, compressor room should be organized. The size of the cabinets should be more than 6 m². The area of the dental office is 15 m². Each room should be equipped with water and sewerage.

It will not be possible to use the basement of a building or a mansion to accommodate medical offices. They can only accommodate noisy compressor, refrigeration and ventilation equipment. In some situations, the ground floor can be transferred into the first floor, but in this case, the level of the land should be on the same level with the basement floor. It will also be necessary to expand the window openings and to dig a trench, having arranged a lawn with a negative inclination angle. In other words, it is about arranging numerous troubles, so it is better to immediately pick up a sufficient area for a clinic. The optimal area of a mansion for a clinics starts from 400 m².


4. Parking and a courtyard near the building

The entrance to a medical institution must be at least 80 cm wide and it must be equipped with a ramp. If there is a courtyard in front of the clinic, it is necessary to arrange the outdoor lighting. If the clinic provides children’s and adult department, then you need to make two separate entrances to a mansion.

With the arrangement of parking, it is optimal to focus on creating 3-5 spaces for official vehicles and employees' cars and the same number of parking spaces for client cars. In Moscow, with the number of parking spaces being limited, the availability of own territory and an organized parking will be an excellent advantage when choosing a location. It is necessary to take into account the proximity of the building to the metro and public transport stops. The state does not have regulations on this subject, but this is convenient for both clients and employees.


5. Duration of the contract and terms of the lease

The optimal solution for an owner of a business will be to buy or rent a mansion that previously accommodated another medical institution. There will already be all the wiring for water and ventilation as well as correct finishing materials for walls and floor will be used.

To ensure that money invested in repairing the premises is not lost, entrepreneurs prefer to sign long-term lease agreements for 7-10 years or more. The same companies that feel stable and confidently buy a mansion in the property.

In Moscow, there are about 100 mansions on sale. Sly agencies in pursuit of a client place on their websites the information about «ghost» mansions on an attractive price. They are called «ghosts» because these buildings were sold a long time ago or never were on sale.

If you are to open a clinic and need to buy or rent a mansion, contact the brokers of project at +7 (495) 320-95-45. We will organize a preview of 4-5 suitable buildings within a day. We work with love and free of charge.