План Б или как купить особняк под банк

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Elena, the project expert

Published: 08.05.2017
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With the development of mobile applications, bank customers are less likely to visit bank offices to get necessary services. In the United States, every fifth American has not been in the bank branch for more than a year. Till date, only Tinkoff Bank managed to avoid opening branches and cash points.

Private Moscow banks strive for buying a detached mansion. It is important for the privacy of their clients. They often have several large key clients, for which a bank is established. Historical facades with stucco and columns, palace interiors with gilding and wide staircases create a sense of fundamentality and reliability for clients, visitors and employees.

Особняк под банк в Москве

The regional players want to open a representative office of their bank in their own mansion in Moscow. This is about not only the status, but also a necessity. The capital has the best financial specialists, and it is more convenient for them to work in the center of Moscow, and not in Kazan or Samara.

Not every building is suitable for accommodating a financial institution. Large banks often build premises on their own. But this takes several years and requires a lot of coordination and a separate attention of managers.

In a situation when you need to open a branch within several months, a reasonable decision is to buy or rent a mansion, which already used to accommodate a bank beforehand. There are a few examples of such separate buildings on Moscow market, and they usually appear in case of a license withdrawal from a bank.

More often, bank owners have to equip already existing mansion to make it bank premises. In order for a financial institution to open its doors to clients, the premises must meet the requirements of the Central Bank. Reconciliation permits for reconstruction in different instances takes 2-3 months. We have identified a few examples that you should consider if you have to choose and buy a mansion for opening a bank.


«B» plan

The area of a mansion for a bank starts from 400-500 m2. It depends on the size of financial company's business, and can reach up to 3000-5000 m2. The premises of any bank are divided into three main parts. When choosing a building, it is important to consider the possibility of placing all zones on the available area.

Front office is a place for serving clients and visitors. This includes a waiting area and reception, workplaces for working with a client and meeting rooms. This part takes up to 60% of the total area of bank premises. It is settled down on the first floor just behind the front door. Interiors are made in company colors; the waiting area is equipped with design expensive furniture. Clients of private banks need confidentiality. Bankers equip 2-3 meeting rooms with sound isolation.

The back office is the second part of the bank. It accommodates the workplaces for employees. As a rule, it is located on the second floor of the mansion and above. Typically, this is a set of cabinets with computers where underwriters, security officers, lawyers, accountants work. The design is conservative in pastel colors. The area of this block depends on the size of a bank.

The repository is the most secure part of the bank. For a person from the outside, this part looks like a prison. The strictest requirements are applied to this part. It is important to take into account the load on the floor, the thickness of the walls, the number of exits and the width of the passages. The armored doors, reserve power supplies, security systems are installed here. The cost of finishing the store for all the simplicity of design is somewhat higher than the cost of repairing the client zone.

All requirements to the repository are listed in Bank of Russia Regulation No. 318-P «On the Procedure for Conducting Cash Operations and the Rules for the Storage, Transportation and Encashment of Bank of Russia Banknotes and Coins in Credit Institutions in the Territory of the Russian Federation.»


Dear guests

Customers of even private banks are paying bills and executing transactions via the Internet more often. Their visit to the department is becoming a rare event. When visiting a bank, employees try to accept a person not as a client, but as a guest. The right building will help you to provide a warm welcome to them.

A client forms the first impression of the reliability and level of the bank even at the entrance. The opportunity to park is the most important advantage in the center of Moscow. A client will appreciate own compound territory at the mansion with several guest parking spaces. He will not worry about whether parking is paid, whether he will be fined and whether his car will be evacuated.

The neat and refurbished facade of the building plays its role in forming a client's impression. By making an interesting architectural lightning, you will make a mansion look completely new in the evening. If it stands on the first line, then together with the laconic road signboard the building itself becomes an advertisement to a bank and attracts new customers.

The internal waiting area should not be very large, so that a person is not confused, but not too small, so as not to create discomfort. Usually pastel colors, stucco molding, gilding are used as decorating elements of a client zone of a bank inside the mansion. Carpets, crystal chandeliers, massive oak furniture and vintage sofas are an excellent complement of the design. Fundamental classical banks use exactly this type: customers like this cozy and solid style. It fits the format of the mansion.

But if you love high-tech or loft, then any talented designer will implement your color and stylistic decision into the interiors of the mansion. Nowadays this is not a problem. You can play with lighting, materials. You can make a really attractive destination out of it.


Let it be the light

When choosing a mansion for a bank, it is important to take into account the input electrical power. This is especially true if the building houses the head office of a bank.

It is necessary to install backup sources of electrical power for security and technical systems, provide separate power for computers and servers. You need high-speed Internet lines and the availability of one telephone MGTS line for the service of private security. The consumption of electricity by a bank is 30% higher than of usual office premises.

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