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Oleg, the founder of the project

Published: 26.06.2017
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We sell mansions. The townhouse is not quite a mansion in its classic sense. Among the experts of the project, a heated debate arose over whether it is worth adding them to the website and including them in the selection list. In the end, we have decided that such buildings could be of interest to our clients who want to buy a house for living in the center of Moscow. We added them to the catalog of Moscow's mansions and wrote an article about townhouses, flathouses and mansions - varieties of housing with a separate entrance.

Just take into consideration that we do not charge our customers for selecting the right object. We know the owners of mansions and work with key developers. Therefore, it will be most sensible after reading this article to call our expert and schedule an excursion to the lots you like.


History. Townhouses for English aristocrats

When a resident of Moscow hears the word «townhouse», he imagines himself in front of a country low-rise village. The first townhouses were built in the 19th century in England - and not somewhere in the suburbs, but namely in the central part of the city. Townhouses were called as city houses, and they were built into a number of adjacent buildings. London aristocrats with their families and servants lived there.

Standing wall to wall, the townhouses formed a single noble facade of a building. It was difficult for visitors to distinguish small townhouses from the giant buildings owned by the upper class of the British aristocrats, since architecturally they were the same. As a result, the owner of such a small townhouses looked more influential in front of his business partners and ladies.

Keeping the traditions of urban English townhouses, Moscow developers are constructing such buildings in the center of the capital nowadays. These small houses with a separate entrance emerge as parts of new residential complexes. There are not many city townhouses in Moscow, and they are usually bought within the first months of sales. In the center of the capital there are no more than 20 of such objects on sale.

Most urban townhouses are two-storied. Every townhouse has a separate entrance, and some have their own small territory near the complex. In «Ordynka, 19» residential complex the developer offered two lots with a separate entrance and a private compound yard. They were bought in the first months of sales.

We attributed to the category of urban townhouses those facilities that are located on the first two floors of a multi-storied residential complexes, but have two levels, a separate entrance and a small own territry.


1. Townhouse with a patio in «Studio12»

«Studio 12» is a loft residential complex under construction in the area of Marina Rocha. There are 14 two-level townhouses with separate entrances on sale. Some lots have their own small courtyard, where you can fry meat with friends or arrange horizontal bars.

The advantages include free layout, windows and ceilings with the height starting from 3.5 meters. The residential complex is located within 10 minutes from «Marina Rocha» metro station. It has its own mechanized parking. «Worldclass» fitness club is within a few minutes. The area of townhouses is from 85 to 310 m². The prices from 16 to 43 million rubles. 


2. Townhouse with roof terrace in «Jazz» residential complex

«Jazz» residential complex is being built in Marina Rocha near «Studio12». Cozy and closed from the noise of city streets, the residential complex consists of 7 buildings, named after famous jazz performers.

You have the opportunity to buy one of two full-fledged townhouses in «DUKE» building. They are two-storied apartments with terraces on the roof. The area of the first townhouse is 245 m², of the second one - 248 m². The price is 67 and 68 million rubles respectively. The townhouses have a wood-burning fireplace, where you can gather with the whole family during cold winter evenings. And that is only within a few minutes from Sadovoye Koltso (the Garden Ring).

There is an elegant expensive playground and own kindergarten on the territory of the complex. A private fitness club is open for residents. A concierge service operates in the complex, which will help the residents to resolve all household issues. The metro station is within 2 minutes.


3. Townhouse in «Literator» residential complex

«Literator» is located in Khamovniki district, that is the most desirable area of Moscow. There are parks, rivers, expensive shops and restaurants nearby. The developer has constructed a cozy low-rise residential complex with small courtyard. Playgrounds, a fitness center, a gallery of boutiques and a kindergarten are available for the residents.

There are two-level townhouses with a separate entrance in several «Literator» buildings. The height of the ceilings is 3.4 meters, they are equipped with panoramic windows. Since such sites do not have its own separate territory, but have their own entrance, they are called as flathouses. The last lot is available for the buyers of osobnyaki.com project – the flathouse with the area of 253 m² that costs 149 400 000 million rubles.


4. Townhouse with a territory in «Knightsbridge Private Park» residential complex

This English-style residential complex of deluxe class is located in Khamovniki district. Four clubhouses are united by an English private park with fountains. The residents are able to enjoy with a wellness center with a 25-meter swimming pool and spa, an English kindergarten, a mini-market, a lounge café. The complex has its own concierge service.

Ten two-level apartments with their own adjacent territory are on sale in the complex. The patio for organizing lunches and dinners in the fresh air is raised above the earth on the level above a man’s height. The ceilings are 7 meters high with a second light, spacious territories with the areas from 300 to 670 m2 are comparable in size with the footage of a separate house. The apartments have own exit not only to the inner territory of the complex, but to the street as well.

According to the rules of the developer, you can get the prices for the apartments in «Knightsbridge Private Park» on request – just contact the experts of osobnyaki.com project.


5. Mansion in «Noble Row» residential complex

The most expensive and most desired lot from our collection is located in «Noble Row» residential complex. The complex of mansions is located in Ostozhenka district - the most expensive area of Moscow. It is situated on the bank of the river embankment, within 10 minutes from the Kremlin. The complex is constructed in French neoclassical style and consists of 6 mansions ranging in the areas from 450 to 520 m2. Each building is 5 stories high and is topped by a terrace. A mansion is not a townhouse, but it is a separate building. Every mansion has its own foundation and walls. These are mansions, docked closely to each other. The townhouses have the same foundation, but common walls.

The highlight of the project are exclusive interiors in the style of Ralph Lauren Home. Each mansion is rented with interior design, amazing furniture and wonderful accessories. There are custom-made carpets on the floor, luxurious curtains on the large windows, magnificent Ralph Lauren wallpapers on the walls.

All details are verified and matched to the last detail by the maestro of design. Not surprisingly, the price of these mansions is tens of millions of dollars. It is available on request for osobnyaki.com customers.

If you fall in love with one of the apartment in the center in Moscow, just call at +7 (495) 320-95-45. Our experts will appoint and organize a preview of any of the city's townhouses of the capital. Just be aware that we work with love and free of charge. See you!