Become a Project Broker

Whitewill sells premium and business class real estate in Moscow. We offer flats and apartments in 130 new houses in the center of Moscow. 90% of the objects are located within the Third Ring Road. 200 000 rubles is the minimum price per square meter in our facilities. As diamonds, we selected the best penthouses in Moscow and developed a separate website for them to gain customers who are looking for a penthouse with a terrace. The most expensive penthouse we sold cost 160 million rubles. It's just the beginning. Last year we sold apartments on the total sum of more than 1 billion.

The company deals with selling and renting out city mansions in the center of Moscow. To do this, a separate website was created. Our database contains 790 buildings cost from 100 million to 3 billion rubles. We get 3-5 direct inquiries from customers within a week.

Whitewill sells and rents out offices and apartments in Moscow City complex. There are 1015 lots in the database. We developed a separate website with the information on all the towers. Every week we get calls and applications from direct customers and their agents. Every month we sell several apartments, we rent out hundreds of meters of offices.

We are launching the direction for selling loft apartments, last spring the department of commercial real estate was opened. Until the end of the year, we started projects on retail and country houses sale. We set the plan to open Whitewill offices in London, Miami and other major cities in the world.

We have a cozy office on the 43th floor in Imperia Tower with large windows, carpets, floor lamps, a coffee machine and own kitchen. Four meeting rooms with a dizzying view of Moscow are also a part of it. Clients like being our guests. Employees also often do not want to leave the office for home. This is due not only to comfort, but also to the fact that there is a lot of work. Everyday we get calls and requests from customers. We accept from 800 to 1000 applications and calls for the purchase of apartments or buildings within a month.

We pay an honest 30% of a transaction without subtracting and tricking during payment. We transfer your amount immediately on the day of receiving money to the account of the company. Delays never happen. Honesty and clarity are important words in Whitewill. We expect expertise and humanity from a broker instead.

The company does not have a school of realtors, and we accept only real Moscow realtors to the team. Whitewill brokers sell expensive facilities, and our customers are demanding and wealthy people. The company cannot risk and assign customers to a novice or a person who does not know the objects and the city itself. That's why we do not accept realtors from other cities who did not use to work in Moscow before. It takes a month until they know the city and study the objects. However, there is no time to explain. We are not ready to wait. Calls and applications are made every day. Current brokers are loaded with work. Therefore, we are looking for strong real estate agents to become the part of the Whitewill team.