, Square 1085 m'


Lot 312 |
Assignment: hotel / hostel, office / business center, bank, medical center / clinic, headquarters
1085 m2
3 floors and basement
Expert review
Mansion status:
6 011 000 $

5 540 $ m2

A complex of mansions on Nikitsky Bulvar in the Arbat district. The complex includes the main house of the city estate with an area of 335 m² and three outbuildings from 139 m² to 325 m². All the buildings after the reconstruction feature the modern systems of a B-class business center and have preserved the atmosphere and majestic appearance of a city estate. Inside of each mansion, there is an office planning and high-quality office finishing. The premises allow you to design a functional office space with the comfort of houses with a rich history. The complex has a fenced courtyard with ground parking for 7 cars.

The buildings are suitable for a company representative office, a bank, a medical center, a hotel or a business center.

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