Kutuzovsky prospekt 21, Square 318 m'

Mansion Kutuzovsky prospekt 21

Lot 1880 | 220624
318 m2
2 floors
Expert review
Mansion status:
2 831 800 $

5 643 $ m2

A two-storey mansion on Kutuzovsky avenue on the west of Moscow. The building built in 2013 is equipped with modern engineering and utility systems. There is a finishing for medicine center, reception area, eleven offices and procedures rooms with wet spots. There is a open planning, where you can set up to make open offices and spacious rooms. There is a ground parking on the adjacent territory.

The mansion is surrounded by business centers, premium residential complexes, shops and cafes. It has a convenient exit to Tarasa Shevchenko embankent and the Third ring road, which are in 5 minutes to drive, to the Garden ring road — 4 minutes. It is in a 11-minute walk from Studenchiskaya metro station.

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